Main terminal with printer and cash drawer

The main terminal should be plugged into the mains via the adapter supplied.

If you’re not sure of which adapter to use, it should be labelled with the same brand as the main terminal. If not, please contact us.

The main terminal in general connects directly to Ethernet (if you have selected a WiFi option you will need to configure the WiFi details when you first turn the machine on) and you will know that the Ethernet is plugged in properly as below the port there are two lights, green and amber which will both be operational.

The printer should be connected to the mains via the adapter supplied and then to the main terminal via USB or serial port (depending on what type you have) and the cash drawer connects to the printer via the  RJ11 cable, Ensure that you have unlocked the cash drawer using the cash drawer keys and have removed any packaging material from inside the cash drawer, in particular behind the drawer itself (unlock and remove the drawer to check!


RJ11 cable